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Tips on Holding a Bouquet of Flowers

Ever since you got engaged you have surely thought about every single detail! As a bride-to-be, it is natural to focus the most on your bridal styling. One of the most exciting parts about wedding planning is choosing the gown, hairstyle, and definitely thinking about your bouquet and how it will complete your whole look! But have you thought about how to properly hold wedding flowers? Trust me, how you carry your bouquet can impact everything, and that is why I have assembled a few tips to help you look iconic on your special day!

What do you use to hold a bouquet together?

Properly securing a bridal bouquet starts with your florist, who will design your wedding flowers using a temporary bond, such as a rubber band or zip tie. At Flux Floral, we’re particularly fond of using rubber bands because they allow us to continue designing and adjusting as needed until we’re 100% happy with the product. Once the design is perfect, we’ll cut the rubber bands off and hold the bouquet together securely with waterproof floral tape. To finish the design, we’ll cover the floral tape with ribbon.

How to hold a Bridal Bouquet

Of all the wedding photo variations, pictures of the bride holding her bouquet is always a personal favorite. That is, if the bouquet is held correctly! While it isn’t complicated to hold a bridal bouquet correctly, here are my best tips:

1. Never hold the bouquet too high or too low

You have been looking forward to wearing your dress for so long, but when you hold wedding flowers high, part of that beautiful dress will be hidden! Too low and you risk looking uncomfortable and awkward. Instead, you need to flaunt your gorgeous bridal posture and exquisite taste and not hide behind the bouquet. What is the right way? Your arms need to be relaxed, holding the floral design at a height about your belly button. Relaxing and properly holding those wedding flowers will also boost your confidence and show your flawless figure!

2. Careful with the stems

When you hold wedding bouquets, one rule to always have in mind is never placing your hands too low on the stems because this can cause some balancing issues. Trust me, you don’t want the flowers weighing and tiring your arms during the course of the ceremony and photos. Instead, position your hands so that you’re holding the stems towards the upper half of their length. Not only will the bouquet feel much lighter, it will also sit up at a proper angle!

3. Tilt the bouquet away from you

Above all else, my absolute favorite tip is to tilt the bouquet away from the dress to an angle where the stems won’t be visible - and never forget, arms relaxed! This tip matters for all bouquet shapes, especially cascading bouquets.


What does grabbing the bouquet mean?

Grabbing the bouquet, or catching the bouquet, is a fun wedding reception tradition commonly thought to indicate who will be the next person to get married. To begin, all the single women are called up, generally to the dance floor, and arranged in a small cluster. The bride faces away from the group and tosses the bouquet in the air for one lucky lady to catch. Traditionally viewed as the female equivalent of the garter toss, some weddings may up the ante and have the single man who caught the garter place the garter on the thigh of the single woman who caught the bouquet. I wonder how many real couples have resulted from this ad hoc matchmaking?

Why do bridesmaids carry flowers?

What do I do with my bouquet during the Wedding?

Why do brides carry flowers?


Alright, there you have it, my 3 tips for achieving the perfect angle and posture while holding your wedding flowers. I hope you’ve found them helpful!

If you are searching for your dream wedding florist and are looking for an expert to help you navigate the world of wedding flowers, I would love to chat with you and learn more about your big day! Click here to inquire about our services and see if Flux Floral is the right fit for you!




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