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Wedding flower mock-ups: Necessity or Waste?

What is a wedding mock up and do I need one?

A wedding mock up or a bridal bouquet mock up refers to a test run or an opportunity to preview all or part of the ceremony and/or reception decor prior to the big day. Mock ups can be extensive or limited and may include elements such as the bouquet, centerpieces, rentals, linens, and other floral decorations.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, my couples don’t request mock ups. However, I’m occasionally asked about it, so in this blog post I’m walking through the considerations you’ll need to make before deciding if you need a wedding floral trial run.


There are so many factors when it comes to product availability. Take this bouquet, for example, this bride wanted to see a mock up of her bouquet because she was unsure how the colors would come together. And as you can see below, the final bouquet is very similar to what was ultimately delivered for her wedding day. A very subtle difference between the two though is with one of the accent flowers: butterfly ranunculus wasn’t available during her wedding week and was instead substituted for a similar floral. Thankfully this bride didn’t have her heart set on butterfly ranunculus and was pleased with the substitution.


Mock ups aren’t free. Because I don’t typically do mock ups, it's not a cost that I build into my contracts. This means when I’m asked to do a mock up, I separately bill for them. Why do mock ups cost? The florals have to be purchased, often in wholesale quantities, and the labor required to order, transport, process and design the florals are all a factor in the cost. Depending on what other events I have going on that week, it is possible that I can repurpose any unused flowers for another event and therefore not push that cost on to you. However, more often than not, the full floral cost for the mock up stays with you.

Changes after the mock up.

Keep in mind that mock ups purposely occur close to your wedding day as this gives the best opportunity to ensure the blooms at the trial run are close to the ones that will be at your wedding day. Because of this though, extensive changes to the design after your mock up occurs may be difficult to accommodate. Deciding a particular flower may not work for you is okay, but changes to the overall color palette may result in additional design fees.

My opinion.

Personally speaking, while there is nothing wrong with a mock up, I don’t believe mock ups are necessary to execute a beautiful event.

I prioritize clear communication with my clients and listen to their expectations. I always ask my clients to provide a few images for inspiration. In our design meeting, we talk about the venue, the bride’s dress, and other important factors that are essential for choosing the right flower setup. During the design meeting, I also provide my clients with detailed mood boards, jam packed with images and color swatches, for better understanding and to ensure we’re in agreement on the vision.

Final answer?

You decide.

Requesting a wedding mock up is completely up to you. As your florist, my job is to ensure you feel completely comfortable going into such a momentous occasion, and for some, mock ups provide a bit more comfort. I always encourage my clients to look through my portfolio and reviews for a better sense of style and to help establish trust.


Want to chat more? Head on over to my website for further queries. Planning your wedding should be a fun and exciting time! I would love to chat with you and learn more about your big day!



Floral Design: Flux Floral • Photographer: John Cain Studio


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