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Are wedding cake flowers safe?

Navigating the World of Wedding Cake Flowers

The wedding cake, a centerpiece of matrimonial celebrations, becomes even more enchanting when adorned with flowers. The combination of delicate blooms and a sumptuous cake is nothing short of a fairytale. However, this beautiful fusion raises crucial questions about safety and health. Many couples find themselves pondering, "Are cake flowers safe?" Understanding these concerns, let's explore the world of floral cake decor to ensure your wedding cake is not only a feast for the eyes but also safe for consumption.

Ensuring Flower Safety on Cakes

The primary concern with using flowers on cakes stems from the fact that most commercially grown flowers are treated with pesticides and other chemicals. To address this, let’s delve into a few options that keep your cake both stunning and safe.

Wired Flower Stems

A popular method involves wiring the flower stems. This technique ensures there's no direct contact between the flower and the cake, safeguarding against any chemical transfer. The stems are neatly wrapped in food-safe materials like Glad Press-n-Seal to prevent moisture leakage and bacterial contamination. In cases where wiring isn't possible, toothpicks can serve as an alternative.

Exploring Alternative Floral Arrangements

Cake Meadows: An emerging trend in wedding cake design is the creation of 'cake meadows' - lush floral arrangements encircling the cake. This approach allows for a lavish floral display without the blooms directly touching the cake. A pro tip here is to use bridesmaids' bouquets at the cake's base, ensuring to choose flowers that can withstand being out of water.

Wedding cake at Atlanta History Center Swan House

Specialty Cake Stands: Acrylic stands or similar options can house an array of flowers underneath the cake. This design ensures the flowers are enclosed and separate from the cake, maintaining both beauty and safety.

Alternative Cake Options

Wedding Cake Dummies: For those hesitant about flowers on their actual cake, consider a 'dummy cake' for display, adorned with flowers, while serving a separate, untouched cake to guests. These dummy cakes, often made from materials like Styrofoam, can be decorated beautifully and might even help in cutting costs.

Consulting with Your Caterer

Finally, it's essential to remember that cake decoration usually falls under the caterer's purview. While florists may provide the flowers, caterers, who are licensed for food handling, play a pivotal role in cake decoration. When discussing your cake with the caterer, inquire about their methods for incorporating flowers. They should be knowledgeable about safe practices and bear the responsibility for ensuring your cake is decorated safely and beautifully.

As you plan your dream wedding, remember that the safety of your cake, especially when adorned with flowers, is paramount. Ready to explore your options? Inquire today so that we can discuss how to ensure that your wedding cake is a safe, stunning, and unforgettable part of your special day.


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