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The Top 5 Things Every Bride Should Know

Planning a wedding can be exciting, thrilling, and nerve-wracking at the same time. Your wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life, so it’s no surprise that you want each element to be flawless!

Wedding day florals are especially important and do so much for the overall aesthetics. They set the tone for the wedding day with their lively colors and aroma. However, planning the wedding of your dreams and selecting the perfect florals isn’t always a piece of (wedding) cake. But worry not! Below, I’ve summarized the top 5 things every bride should know to make her wedding day enjoyable, hassle-free, and most importantly, FUN!

Rules don’t apply.

It is completely normal to forage through the posts chocked-full of the flowers required for your wedding day. But what if I told you that there’s really no such thing? That’s right, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding flowers! Try to not get too stuck on what you think is the right way to go about your wedding florals and instead use your wedding day as an opportunity to explore and focus on pieces that are most important to you and your partner. This day is about you! Go with what your heart wants.

Sometimes less is more.

As fun as it may seem, planning your wedding can be, at times, exhausting and overwhelming, and the to-do list may seem never-ending. So, don’t forget to take plenty of opportunities to relax for a bit and try to simplify things. Afterall, weddings are a celebration of your love! Simplifying things will make your day much more enjoyable and carefree and is one of the things every bride should know how to do.

Mother does what she wants.

Flowers are a gift from Mother Nature, and we are at her mercy when it comes to flowers. So, before you get your heart set on a particular garden rose or declare that peonies are an absolute must for your wedding, keep in mind that some flowers are only available for a few weeks of the year. But there is no reason to worry! You can rest assured that my team and I will always offer an equally beautiful substitute when seasonality may be an issue.

Let’s talk about money.

Be open about your budget, and let’s talk about it early. This way, I can help you draw the bridge between the look you want to achieve and what your budget allows. Keep in mind, too, that I will always provide you with the guidance you need to rule out unnecessary expenditures and choose elements worth investing in.

I’m here to help!

As with planning any momentous occasion, stress is often unavoidable. But don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed. You do not need to have all the details figured out! I will happily help you sort out all the available options together.


I hope my tips have given you some insight on ways to make your wedding day floral planning hassle-free. Planning your wedding should be a fun and exciting time! If you are searching for your dream wedding florist and are looking for an expert to help you navigate the world of wedding flowers, I would love to chat with you and learn more about your big day! Click here to inquire about our services and see if Flux Floral is the right fit for you!




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