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Fresh vs. Silk Wedding Flowers Debate: Making the Best Choice for Your Atlanta Wedding


When it comes to planning your perfect Atlanta wedding, every detail matters—from the dress and the tux to the menu and, of course, the flowers. As you pore over Pinterest and bridal magazines, you might find yourself wondering about the choice between silk and fresh flowers. It's a common misconception that silk flowers are the budget-friendly choice, but let's set the record straight: quality matters, and the best silk flowers that capture your heart are often not the more affordable option.

Are silk wedding flowers cheaper?

At Flux Floral, we encounter many couples surprised to learn that high-quality silk flowers can be just as, if not more, expensive than their fresh counterparts. Silk flowers vary widely in quality, and those stunning arrangements you've admired are likely made from the finest, most realistic silk blooms available. Just as you're dedicated to finding the best attire and gourmet cuisine, we're committed to ensuring that your floral arrangements, whether fresh or silk, meet the highest standards of excellence.

Why Fresh Florals Are Our First Love

We have a deep-seated passion for fresh florals. The vibrancy, the scent, and the delicate feel of fresh blooms are incomparable. However, we aren't strictly anti-silk. There are scenarios where silk flowers shine, and here at Flux Floral, we're all about finding the right flower for the right situation.

Georgia vineyard wedding

The Silk Exception: When Should I Use Silk Flowers?

  • For Delicate Blooms: Certain flowers like hydrangeas, dahlias, and foliage such as dusty miller have short lifespans or are sensitive to environmental conditions. Here, silk can be a savior, preserving the beauty and structure of your arrangements throughout your special day.

  • For Grand Installations: Engineering spectacular floral installations often means navigating logistical challenges like weight and water supply. Silk flowers can be mixed with hardy fresh varieties to create stunning visuals without the worry of wilting, oversight installs or water damage.

  • For Out-of-Season Wishes: Dreams of peonies but planning a winter wedding? Silk flowers allow you to defy the seasons and have your favorite blooms anytime.

  • For Lasting Displays: Some natural branches and exotic flowers such as cherry blossom and Bougainville don’t fare well once cut. Silk versions can offer a practical alternative for awe-inspiring, lasting displays.

Our Silk Philosophy

We pride ourselves on creating seamless blends of silk with fresh flowers that maintain a natural, luxurious feel, especially in statement pieces where they are less likely to be handled or closely inspected by guests. In our hands, silk blooms become part of a larger, fresh floral narrative, one that speaks of beauty, elegance, and artistry.

The Verdict

Let's face it: luxury has its price, and both fresh and silk flowers are indulgences in their own right. The key is in the craft and care of the florist. At Flux Floral, we're dedicated to crafting an unforgettable, lush floral story for your nuptials, always mindful of your vision and budget.

If you're ready to have a conversation about creating beautiful floral designs that capture your dream wedding, reach out to us. Whether you're set on fresh florals or need to incorporate some high-quality silk, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

For couples ready to bring their floral dreams to life, we invite you to fill out our inquiry form. Together, we'll make your wedding day bloom with beauty.


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