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How to save money on wedding flowers

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love! It's one of the few times in your life when everyone you love will gather on your behalf to create memories of a lifetime. But organizing a wedding can be challenging too, especially when it comes to sorting through the budget. Wondering how to best maximize your flower budget while still creating an elegant and memorable event? Keep reading! I’ve assembled my list of the top ways to save money on wedding flowers.

Design with one focal point.

It can be tempting to think you have to put flowers all over your venue. I mean, they’re flowers, after all. They’re beautiful! But like over accessorizing in fashion, there IS such a thing as “over flowering.” Yep, I said it. Maximizing your wedding floral budget may mean having one big statement piece accompanied by smaller accent pieces. For example, you might consider a beautiful arch full of your favorite blooms as your ceremony backdrop with some aisle rose petals. Or if your venue has a special feature that you love, such as a chandelier or staircase, consider focusing all your floral decoration there and accent with bud vases, low lying arrangements, or candles.

Choose the right venue.

Sometimes the best way to maximize your wedding flower budget has nothing to do with flowers and everything to do with the venue. Choosing a venue you love and that already has plenty of existing beauty means you don’t need to worry with completely altering the space with flowers but instead accentuating the existing beauty. Some obvious choices are gardens or even beautifully landscaped backyards. Not your jam? Don’t forget waterfront views or modern rooftops overlooking the city!

Pick seasonal and local flowers.

I get it. You’ve dreamt of having a peony bridal bouquet your entire life and can’t stomach the idea of anything else for your wedding day. Well consider this, peonies and many other blooms have short seasons, making them challenging and thus more expensive to source many months of the year. Tack on import costs and before you know it, your dream bouquet quickly turns into a budget-busting nightmare. The fix? Stay open to seasonal and local flower substitutions from your florist. Seasonal flowers are abundant and therefore more budget friendly, while shopping locally keeps our neighborhood farmers busy and saves on transportation costs.

Worried a seasonal substitution won’t meet the mark? No worries. I can assure you there are many equally stunning substitutions for any flower you can think of and they’ll go a long way in making your budget stretch. As your floral designer, I’ll happily let you know what flowers are in season during your wedding month and how to make the most out of them.

Keep an open mind about flower types.

Let’s face it, some flowers have unfairly gained a bad reputation. And to be fair, sometimes it makes sense to exclude certain varieties, like due to allergies. However, before you completely swear off carnations or hybrid roses, try to keep an open mind when it comes to specific flower varieties for aesthetic purposes. What do I mean? Well before you nix certain flowers, make sure you give consideration to their potential in the overall design picture. And most importantly, trust your floral designer to help you through the process!

Be flexible.

Finally, my biggest piece of advice when it comes to saving money on your wedding flowers while still having the wedding of your dreams is to be flexible. I know it is easy to get lost in the wonders of Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both and think they’re great for finding inspiration! However, when you find the perfect bouquet or hanging installation, it’s easy to “marry” to the idea without first considering the cost. The best way to approach floral design for your wedding is with a flexible attitude. Absolutely share photo inspiration with your florist but keep an open mind knowing that the result might not look the same, but in fact may be even better!


I hope our tips have given you some insight into how to maximize your wedding flower budget and spend those dollars on what will give you the most bang for your buck! Remember that flowers can do wonders and transform any venue if you choose and place them wisely.

If you are searching for your dream wedding florist and are looking for an expert to help you navigate the world of wedding flowers, I would love to chat with you and learn more about your big day! Click here to inquire about our services and see if Flux Floral is the right fit for you!




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