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Honoring deceased loved ones with wedding flowers

While weddings are joyous occasions full of festivity and celebration, it is natural to feel the absence of a loved one that isn’t present. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to pay homage to late relatives and friends. Wedding memorial flowers are considered ideal for honoring the deceased since they strike the perfect balance between acknowledging a loved one who has passed and fostering joy and hope in the marriage ceremony.

The following blog post looks at various ways to pay homage to deceased members of the family.

Special memorial table with an arrangement

One way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed on is to set up a special memorial table adorned with a special wedding memorial arrangement. It’s perfectly okay to choose an arrangement that coordinates with the overall aesthetic for the day or branch off and do something completely different. While we can discuss florals that are popular choices for sympathy arrangements, there are no rules. Be sure to light a candle to further acknowledge and appreciate the absent guest as well.

Adorning their empty chair with a bouquet

Consider honoring the deceased by reserving a seat for them. If you are missing a loved one on your most special day, lay a flower from your bouquet or decorate their chair with wedding memorial flowers at your nuptials. Reserving a seat for your deceased parents at the wedding, or for any loved one, is a beautiful way to acknowledge their place at your wedding and in your heart.

Adding photo charms to the bridal bouquet

To keep the absent loved one very close, you can pin their photo charms to the bridal bouquet while walking down the aisle. I’ve also seen similar charms placed on boutonnieres.

Incorporating the deceased’s favorite flowers throughout the celebration

If your deceased loved one had a favorite flower, consider incorporating their favorite flowers throughout the celebration. Don’t worry about tradition here as sentiment is the focus. Rosemary sprig, pansies, and statice symbolize remembrance, love, and respect, and represent just a few examples of florals that can be incorporated in your floral designs.


Memorials can be challenging and emotional to navigate, so no matter how you choose to honor your loved one, select an idea that feels right for you and your partner.

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Floral Design: Flux Floral • Photographers: John Cain Studio, James Willis Photography


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